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Welcome to ABCHY

The Acton-Boxborough Coalition for Healthy Youth (ABCHY) strives to unite, empower and mobilize the community to promote positive youth development and prevent risky behaviors in adolescents. ABCHY's primary goal is to ensure that our youth are valued and respected and that they receive the help and support they need.

ABCHY is leading a coordinated effort to identify the extensive array of available community services and ensure that they are known to the widest possible audience. ABCHY understands the importance of collaboration with other local organizations because one organization alone cannot provide the solution for every need.

The Acton-Boxborough Coalition for Healthy Youth (ABCHY) focuses its efforts in three key areas:
Mental Health and Wellness
Adolescent Substance Use and Abuse
Youth Violence Prevention

We share our resources to address specific needs of adolescents, provide them with tools to prevent risky behaviors and find appropriate resolutions including treatment options when necessary. From this website, you can search for therapists by name, town or specialty. Read our news section for upcoming speakers and events.


ABCHY 2015 PSA Video Competition

ABCHY is pleased to announce the 2015 Public Service Announcement (PSA) Video Competition, which is open to Acton and Boxborough students, age 13 to 20. Each entry must address at least ONE of ABCHY's core issues: mental health and wellness, substance abuse prevention or deterring youth violence. The competition begins on January 9, 2015. Applications are due on February 27, 2015. Finalists will be chosen by March 15, 2015. Winners will be announced in May 2015.

Click the buttons below to find official rules, guidelines and the application form.

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